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Liverpool, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.4083714, Longitude: -2.9915726


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEVAN, Sarah  1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3444
2 CROSS, Elizabeth  1850Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3468
3 HARRIS, Mary  07 Feb 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3493
4 HATFIELD, James  1886Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3497
5 HUNT, Alfred  1884Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3512
6 IRVINE, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1850Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3515
7 MOSES, Alice Ann  Abt 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1275
8 MOSES, Ann  29 Dec 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3554
9 MOSES, Bennett  21 May 1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3575
10 MOSES, Charles  04 Jun 1890Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3581
11 MOSES, Edward  1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2689
12 MOSES, Eliza Ann  01 Oct 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3597
13 MOSES, Elizabeth  1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3603
14 MOSES, Elizabeth  25 Jun 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3606
15 MOSES, Elizabeth Ann  1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3609
16 MOSES, Ellen  1885Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2702
17 MOSES, Esther Ann  18 Apr 1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3630
18 MOSES, Ethel  1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3631
19 MOSES, Frances  1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3642
20 MOSES, Hannah  1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3678
21 MOSES, Hannah  1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4028
22 MOSES, Hannah  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3683
23 MOSES, Hannah  1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3684
24 MOSES, Hannah  1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3685
25 MOSES, Henry  1848Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3696
26 MOSES, Henry Vincent  1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4250
27 MOSES, James  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3712
28 MOSES, James  1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3713
29 MOSES, James  1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3714
30 MOSES, James Pearson  1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3721
31 MOSES, Jane  17 Jun 1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2687
32 MOSES, John  29 Jan 1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3734
33 MOSES, John  30 Nov 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3741
34 MOSES, John  1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3742
35 MOSES, John Bennett  25 Nov 1888Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3748
36 MOSES, John Thomas  14 Dec 1830Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2686
37 MOSES, John William  1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3761
38 MOSES, John William  21 Oct 1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3762
39 MOSES, Joseph  27 Jul 1843Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2690
40 MOSES, Joseph  29 Sep 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2699
41 MOSES, Julia  1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3779
42 MOSES, Madeleine Mary  1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3790
43 MOSES, Margaret Elizabeth  16 Dec 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2701
44 MOSES, Maria  1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3797
45 MOSES, Martha  1877Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3799
46 MOSES, Mary Emma  1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3815
47 MOSES, Sarah  25 Nov 1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2688
48 MOSES, Sarah Ann  1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3857
49 MOSES, Sarah Jane  03 Jul 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2700
50 MOSES, Selina  23 May 1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3861

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HALLIBURTON, Dorothy Elizabeth  1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2683
2 HEATON, Ann  1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3498
3 MOSES, Bennett  1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3575
4 MOSES, Edward  1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2676
5 MOSES, Edward  1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2689
6 MOSES, Frances  1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3642
7 MOSES, James  1843Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3712
8 MOSES, Jane  01 Apr 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2687
9 MOSES, John  1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3741
10 MOSES, John Bennett  1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3748
11 MOSES, John William  1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3761
12 MOSES, Joseph  1908Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2690
13 MOSES, Margaret Elizabeth  1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2701
14 MOSES, Sarah  01 Apr 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2688
15 MOSES, Selina  1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HALLIBURTON, Dorothy Elizabeth  30 Jul 1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2683
2 MOSES, Edward  11 Jan 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2676
3 MOSES, Edward  10 Jan 1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2689


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HARRIS, Mary  28 Feb 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3493
2 MOSES, Ann  14 Jan 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3554
3 MOSES, Charles  21 Jun 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3581
4 MOSES, Edward  27 Sep 1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2689
5 MOSES, Eliza Ann  16 Oct 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3597
6 MOSES, Elizabeth  05 Jul 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3606
7 MOSES, Esther Ann  22 Jun 1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3630
8 MOSES, Ethel  13 Feb 1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3631
9 MOSES, Hannah  03 Oct 1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3678
10 MOSES, Hannah  22 Aug 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3684
11 MOSES, Hannah  23 Oct 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3685
12 MOSES, Henry  11 Feb 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3696
13 MOSES, James  06 Sep 1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3712
14 MOSES, James  21 Aug 1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3713
15 MOSES, James  16 Aug 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3717
16 MOSES, Jane  01 Sep 1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2687
17 MOSES, John  04 Jan 1807Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3727
18 MOSES, John  12 Feb 1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3734
19 MOSES, John  21 Dec 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3741
20 MOSES, John Bennett  13 Jan 1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3748
21 MOSES, John Thomas  04 Jan 1831Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2686
22 MOSES, John William  16 Nov 1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3762
23 MOSES, Joseph  16 Aug 1843Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2690
24 MOSES, Joseph  08 Oct 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2699
25 MOSES, Madeleine Mary  15 Aug 1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3790
26 MOSES, Margaret Elizabeth  03 May 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2701
27 MOSES, Maria  20 Nov 1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3797
28 MOSES, Sarah  25 Dec 1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2688
29 MOSES, Sarah Jane  13 Oct 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2700
30 MOSES, Selina  06 Jun 1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3861
31 MOSES, Thomas  13 Apr 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3871
32 MOSES, Thomas  22 Sep 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3874
33 MOSES, William  16 Dec 1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3893
34 MOSES, William Cross  19 Nov 1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3900
35 MOSES, William Henry  23 Aug 1885Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3905
36 SEARGEANT, Maria  30 Oct 1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3930


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 MOSES, Archibald  23 Nov 1983Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3563
2 MOSES, Jane  20 Apr 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2687
3 MOSES, Joseph  06 Jan 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3766
4 MOSES, Sarah  20 Apr 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2688


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HISLOP / MOSES  31 Oct 1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1259
2 MOSES / BRADBURY  1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1435
3 MOSES / CROSS  15 Nov 1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1225
4 MOSES / GLOVER  27 Dec 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England F937
5 MOSES / GRIFFITH  19 Apr 1854Liverpool, Lancashire, England F416
6 MOSES / HEATON  22 May 1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1255
7 MOSES / IRVINE  22 Dec 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1272
8 MOSES / SEARGEANT  23 Jan 1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1303