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Darlington, Durham, England


Latitude: 54.5236100, Longitude: -1.5594580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (LISTER), Sarah Rigby  1822Darlington, Durham, England I435
2 ARMITAGE, Dorothy Jane  1860Darlington, Durham, England I3433
3 COUNTY, Mary Alice  1877Darlington, Durham, England I3467
4 DENT, Annie  1864Darlington, Durham, England I415
5 GARGETT, Ann  Abt 1830Darlington, Durham, England I753
6 HENDERSON, Jane  1864Darlington, Durham, England I442
7 HOPE, Jane  1814Darlington, Durham, England I3506
8 MOSES, Ada  07 Mar 1873Darlington, Durham, England I448
9 MOSES, Ada Amelia  1906Darlington, Durham, England I457
10 MOSES, Alfred  1867Darlington, Durham, England I412
11 MOSES, Alfred Octairus  1866Darlington, Durham, England I794
12 MOSES, Anthony  1871Darlington, Durham, England I803
13 MOSES, Anthony Robinson  1851Darlington, Durham, England I804
14 MOSES, Anthony Smith  1862Darlington, Durham, England I805
15 MOSES, Edith Ellen  1888Darlington, Durham, England I417
16 MOSES, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1834Darlington, Durham, England I434
17 MOSES, Elizabeth  1838Darlington, Durham, England I3599
18 MOSES, Elizabeth Lilian  1895Darlington, Durham, England I454
19 MOSES, Elsie  28 Sep 1901Darlington, Durham, England I424
20 MOSES, Frances Ellen  1856Darlington, Durham, England I865
21 MOSES, Fred Lonsdale  1890Darlington, Durham, England I458
22 MOSES, George  12 Apr 1839Darlington, Durham, England I398
23 MOSES, George  1856Darlington, Durham, England I405
24 MOSES, George Hodgson  1862Darlington, Durham, England I410
25 MOSES, George Lonsdale  1891Darlington, Durham, England I452
26 MOSES, Gertrude  1894Darlington, Durham, England I419
27 MOSES, Gladys Mary  30 Jun 1895Darlington, Durham, England I425
28 MOSES, Hannah  Abt 1828Darlington, Durham, England I402
29 MOSES, James  1871Darlington, Durham, England I906
30 MOSES, Jane  25 Jan 1836Darlington, Durham, England I403
31 MOSES, John  1835Darlington, Durham, England I3733
32 MOSES, John Browning  1895Darlington, Durham, England I420
33 MOSES, John George (Gregory)  1831Darlington, Durham, England I395
34 MOSES, John Gregory  1860Darlington, Durham, England I439
35 MOSES, John Henry  1848Darlington, Durham, England I921
36 MOSES, Margaret Jane  1859Darlington, Durham, England I950
37 MOSES, Mary Ann  1841Darlington, Durham, England I399
38 MOSES, Mary Anne  30 Nov 1870Darlington, Durham, England I447
39 MOSES, Mary Elizabeth  1869Darlington, Durham, England I963
40 MOSES, Mary Jane  1870Darlington, Durham, England I966
41 MOSES, Septimus  1864Darlington, Durham, England I996
42 MOSES, Sydney Browning  1900Darlington, Durham, England I421
43 MOSES, Thomas  1854Darlington, Durham, England I1001
44 MOSES, William  1841Darlington, Durham, England I3887
45 MOSES, William  1846Darlington, Durham, England I1011
46 MOSES, William  1849Darlington, Durham, England I400
47 PRESTON, Mary Ann  26 Nov 1849Darlington, Durham, England I1034
48 SMITH, Jane  Abt 1829Darlington, Durham, England I1043


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (LISTER), Sarah Rigby  1869Darlington, Durham, England I435
2 (SHOTTON), Jane Fryer  1883Darlington, Durham, England I436
3 CARLTON, Amy  Darlington, Durham, England I459
4 GRANGE, Mary  04 Nov 1901Darlington, Durham, England I443
5 GREGORY, Elizabeth  1857Darlington, Durham, England I397
6 HILLARY, Mary Elizabeth  1895Darlington, Durham, England I440
7 HILLARY, William  14 Nov 1901Darlington, Durham, England I437
8 HODGSON, Mary Ann  20 Jan 1901Darlington, Durham, England I401
9 MOSES, Ada  12 Mar 1900Darlington, Durham, England I448
10 MOSES, Ada Amelia  08 Nov 1914Darlington, Durham, England I457
11 MOSES, Alfred  1872Darlington, Durham, England I412
12 MOSES, Alfred Octairus  1869Darlington, Durham, England I794
13 MOSES, Anthony  21 Aug 1890Darlington, Durham, England I802
14 MOSES, Anthony Robinson  03 Apr 1851Darlington, Durham, England I804
15 MOSES, Anthony Smith  1866Darlington, Durham, England I805
16 MOSES, Edith Ellen  1889Darlington, Durham, England I417
17 MOSES, Francis  1850Darlington, Durham, England I3645
18 MOSES, Fred Lonsdale  29 Jul 1890Darlington, Durham, England I458
19 MOSES, George  1857Darlington, Durham, England I405
20 MOSES, George  19 Mar 1883Darlington, Durham, England I396
21 MOSES, George  16 Apr 1906Darlington, Durham, England I398
22 MOSES, George Hodgson  01 Mar 1905Darlington, Durham, England I410
23 MOSES, George Lonsdale  1913Darlington, Durham, England I452
24 MOSES, Gertrude  1912Darlington, Durham, England I419
25 MOSES, Hannah  1893Darlington, Durham, England I402
26 MOSES, James  1889Darlington, Durham, England I906
27 MOSES, John George (Gregory)  21 Nov 1895Darlington, Durham, England I395
28 MOSES, Mary Anne  21 Nov 1873Darlington, Durham, England I447
29 MOSES, Mary Elizabeth  1869Darlington, Durham, England I963
30 MOSES, Sydney Browning  1900Darlington, Durham, England I421
31 MOSES, Thomas  1908Darlington, Durham, England I1001
32 POWELL, William  1881Darlington, Durham, England I404
33 SMITH, Jane  21 Apr 1877Darlington, Durham, England I1043


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MOSES, Anthony Robinson  06 Apr 1851Darlington, Durham, England I804
2 MOSES, George  27 Mar 1857Darlington, Durham, England I405


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 (LISTER), Sarah Rigby  13 Nov 1822Darlington, Durham, England I435
2 ARMITAGE, Dorothy Jane  18 Jan 1860Darlington, Durham, England I3433
3 HOPE, Jane  02 Jun 1814Darlington, Durham, England I3506
4 MOSES, Alfred Octairus  21 Feb 1867Darlington, Durham, England I794
5 MOSES, Anthony  03 Sep 1871Darlington, Durham, England I803
6 MOSES, Anthony Robinson  28 Feb 1851Darlington, Durham, England I804
7 MOSES, Elizabeth  18 Apr 1838Darlington, Durham, England I3599
8 MOSES, Elizabeth  12 May 1839Darlington, Durham, England I434
9 MOSES, Elizabeth Lilian  13 Jul 1895Darlington, Durham, England I454
10 MOSES, Frances Ellen  10 May 1857Darlington, Durham, England I865
11 MOSES, George  31 Oct 1856Darlington, Durham, England I405
12 MOSES, George Lonsdale  15 Jul 1891Darlington, Durham, England I452
13 MOSES, Gladys Mary  24 Jul 1895Darlington, Durham, England I425
14 MOSES, James  16 Jul 1871Darlington, Durham, England I906
15 MOSES, Jane  12 May 1839Darlington, Durham, England I403
16 MOSES, John  23 Nov 1835Darlington, Durham, England I3733
17 MOSES, John Browning  01 May 1895Darlington, Durham, England I420
18 MOSES, John George (Gregory)  25 Dec 1831Darlington, Durham, England I395
19 MOSES, John Henry  05 Nov 1848Darlington, Durham, England I921
20 MOSES, Margaret Jane  26 Jun 1859Darlington, Durham, England I950
21 MOSES, Mary Elizabeth  30 Jul 1869Darlington, Durham, England I963
22 MOSES, Mary Jane  19 Jan 1870Darlington, Durham, England I966
23 MOSES, Septimus  12 Jun 1864Darlington, Durham, England I996
24 MOSES, Thomas  02 Jul 1854Darlington, Durham, England I1001
25 MOSES, William  29 Aug 1841Darlington, Durham, England I3887
26 MOSES, William  27 Dec 1846Darlington, Durham, England I1011
27 PRESTON, Mary Ann  25 Sep 1853Darlington, Durham, England I1034


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 HODGSON, Mary Ann  15 Feb 1901Darlington, Durham, England I401
2 MOSES, George  15 May 1906Darlington, Durham, England I398
3 MOSES, George Hodgson  29 Mar 1905Darlington, Durham, England I410
4 MOSES, John George (Gregory)  06 Jan 1896Darlington, Durham, England I395


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HILLARY / MOSES  24 Dec 1870Darlington, Durham, England F132
2 MOSES / (LISTER)  1860Darlington, Durham, England F130
3 MOSES / (SHOTTON)  18 Dec 1870Darlington, Durham, England F131
4 MOSES / DENT  1890Darlington, Durham, England F125
5 MOSES / GARGETT  15 Sep 1878Darlington, Durham, England F255
6 MOSES / GRANGE  31 Dec 1862Darlington, Durham, England F136
7 MOSES / HENDERSON  1897Darlington, Durham, England F135
8 MOSES / HILLARY  26 May 1889Darlington, Durham, England F134
9 MOSES / HOPE  23 Feb 1835Darlington, Durham, England F1263
10 MOSES / PRESTON  1869Darlington, Durham, England F295
11 MOSES / ROWNTREE  1839Darlington, Durham, England F991
12 MOSES / SMITH  1845Darlington, Durham, England F290
13 MOSES / TENANT  1847Darlington, Durham, England F1003
14 PARLOUR / HALL  11 Mar 1869Darlington, Durham, England F987
15 POWELL / MOSES  1850Darlington, Durham, England F122