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Crook, Durham, England



Latitude: 54.7151310, Longitude: -1.7435450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GIBBON, Matthew  Abt 1855Crook, Durham, England I362
2 MOSES, Ada  1885Crook, Durham, England I2908
3 MOSES, Ada  1898Crook, Durham, England I2911
4 MOSES, Agnes Ann  25 Jul 1888Crook, Durham, England I2909
5 MOSES, Anthony  1856Crook, Durham, England I2884
6 MOSES, Elizabeth  1860Crook, Durham, England I2472
7 MOSES, Florence  28 Sep 1882Crook, Durham, England I2907
8 MOSES, Frances  1897Crook, Durham, England I2574
9 MOSES, George  1839Crook, Durham, England I94
10 MOSES, George  1874Crook, Durham, England I2906
11 MOSES, George Robert  1876Crook, Durham, England I2904
12 MOSES, George William  1900Crook, Durham, England I2575
13 MOSES, Gertrude  1906Crook, Durham, England I2918
14 MOSES, James Henry  1875Crook, Durham, England I2474
15 MOSES, John  1889Crook, Durham, England I2957
16 MOSES, Laura  1892Crook, Durham, England I2571
17 MOSES, Lily  1899Crook, Durham, England I2912
18 MOSES, Margaret  1896Crook, Durham, England I2573
19 MOSES, Margaret Ann  1885Crook, Durham, England I2956
20 MOSES, Martha Ann  1894Crook, Durham, England I2572
21 MOSES, Mary Elizabeth  1888Crook, Durham, England I2569
22 MOSES, Minnie  1889Crook, Durham, England I260
23 MOSES, Thomas  1858Crook, Durham, England I2469
24 MOSES, Thomas Sydney  1891Crook, Durham, England I2958
25 MOSES, Violetta  1890Crook, Durham, England I2570
26 MOSES, William  1891Crook, Durham, England I265
27 PROUD, Robert  1821Crook, Durham, England I2464
28 RICHARDSON, Ann Jane  1814Crook, Durham, England I242
29 WILSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1862Crook, Durham, England I2482


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAINS, Margaret Ann  1909Crook, Durham, England I2902
2 DIXON, Margaret  1858Crook, Durham, England I2894
3 MOSES, Charles  1869Crook, Durham, England I2848
4 MOSES, George  1875Crook, Durham, England I2906
5 MOSES, Nathan  1881Crook, Durham, England I2868


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BEATTIE, Amelia  06 Apr 1887Crook, Durham, England I2490
2 MOSES, Ada  21 Oct 1885Crook, Durham, England I2908
3 MOSES, Ada  07 Oct 1898Crook, Durham, England I2911
4 MOSES, Agnes Ann  15 Aug 1888Crook, Durham, England I2909
5 MOSES, Anthony  23 Mar 1856Crook, Durham, England I2884
6 MOSES, Elizabeth  10 Sep 1860Crook, Durham, England I2472
7 MOSES, Florence  07 Oct 1882Crook, Durham, England I2907
8 MOSES, George  25 Nov 1874Crook, Durham, England I2906
9 MOSES, George Robert  29 Oct 1876Crook, Durham, England I2904
10 MOSES, James Henry  15 Jul 1875Crook, Durham, England I2474
11 MOSES, John  14 Feb 1858Crook, Durham, England I2870
12 MOSES, John George  12 Jul 1857Crook, Durham, England I2468
13 MOSES, Margaret  01 Jul 1855Crook, Durham, England I2869
14 MOSES, Margaret  20 Feb 1896Crook, Durham, England I2573
15 MOSES, Martha Ann  10 Apr 1895Crook, Durham, England I2572
16 MOSES, Mary Ann  14 May 1848Crook, Durham, England I2866
17 MOSES, Minnie  12 May 1889Crook, Durham, England I260
18 MOSES, Nathan  09 Jan 1853Crook, Durham, England I2868
19 MOSES, Ralph Brown  18 Dec 1870Crook, Durham, England I2471
20 MOSES, Violetta  20 Jul 1890Crook, Durham, England I2570


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DIGGLES / MOSES  1877Crook, Durham, England F108