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Meavy, Devon, England



Latitude: 50.4863076, Longitude: -4.0589292


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATWILL, Jane  Abt 1826Meavy, Devon, England I1731
2 ATWILL, Mary Ann  Abt 1831Meavy, Devon, England I1732
3 ATWILL, William  Abt 1809Meavy, Devon, England I1733
4 BEARD, Martha  15 Mar 1730Meavy, Devon, England I1738
5 BLATCHFORD, Barbara  1795Meavy, Devon, England I1749
6 BLATCHFORD, Cecilia  Abt 1800Meavy, Devon, England I1750
7 BOWDEN, Martha  Abt 1836Meavy, Devon, England I1758
8 CHAPPLE, Elizabeth Charlotte  Abt 1838Meavy, Devon, England I1769
9 LILLICRAP, Sarah  Abt 1811Meavy, Devon, England I1849
10 MATTACOTT, Richard  Abt 1820Meavy, Devon, England I1857
11 MOSES, Aaron  Abt 1829Meavy, Devon, England I1864
12 MOSES, Abraham  Abt 1819Meavy, Devon, England I1865
13 MOSES, Ann Lillicrap  1841Meavy, Devon, England I1871
14 MOSES, Eliza  1844Meavy, Devon, England I1916
15 MOSES, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1829Meavy, Devon, England I1924
16 MOSES, Frederick  1856Meavy, Devon, England I1967
17 MOSES, Frederick  1879Meavy, Devon, England I1969
18 MOSES, George  Abt 1766Meavy, Devon, England I1983
19 MOSES, George  Abt 1782Meavy, Devon, England I1984
20 MOSES, George  Abt 1803Meavy, Devon, England I1985
21 MOSES, George  Abt 1826Meavy, Devon, England I1987
22 MOSES, Isaac  1820Meavy, Devon, England I2021
23 MOSES, Isaac  1838Meavy, Devon, England I2022
24 MOSES, Jacob  Abt 1822Meavy, Devon, England I2023
25 MOSES, James Blatchford  Abt 1825Meavy, Devon, England I2026
26 MOSES, Jane  Abt 1825Meavy, Devon, England I2037
27 MOSES, Jane  Abt 1833Meavy, Devon, England I2038
28 MOSES, Jane  1847Meavy, Devon, England I2039
29 MOSES, John  1722Meavy, Devon, England I2048
30 MOSES, John  19 Feb 1756Meavy, Devon, England I2050
31 MOSES, John  Abt 1806Meavy, Devon, England I2056
32 MOSES, John  Abt 1824Meavy, Devon, England I2059
33 MOSES, John  1849Meavy, Devon, England I2063
34 MOSES, Mark  1795Meavy, Devon, England I2099
35 MOSES, Martha  Jan 1815Meavy, Devon, England I2103
36 MOSES, Martha Damerall  Abt 1817Meavy, Devon, England I2104
37 MOSES, Mary  Abt 1823Meavy, Devon, England I2109
38 MOSES, Mary Jane  1850Meavy, Devon, England I2123
39 MOSES, Richard  1823Meavy, Devon, England I2141
40 MOSES, Richard  Abt 1824Meavy, Devon, England I2142
41 MOSES, Thomas  Abt 1792Meavy, Devon, England I2175
42 MOSES, Thomas  1831Meavy, Devon, England I2176
43 MOSES, William  Abt 1797Meavy, Devon, England I2183
44 MOSES, William  Abt 1822Meavy, Devon, England I2184
45 MOSES, William  Abt 1834Meavy, Devon, England I2185
46 MOSES, William  1854Meavy, Devon, England I2186
47 MOSES, William Creber  Abt 1835Meavy, Devon, England I2193
48 MOSES, William Willcocks  Abt 1816Meavy, Devon, England I2210
49 WILCOCKS, Mary Ann  Abt 1791Meavy, Devon, England I2276
50 WILLIAMS, Vincen Bowden  Abt 1820Meavy, Devon, England I2280


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEARD, Martha  05 Apr 1770Meavy, Devon, England I1738
2 BLATCHFORD, Barbara  29 Jun 1868Meavy, Devon, England I1749
3 CREBER, Jane  14 Jun 1846Meavy, Devon, England I1781
4 MOSES, Frederick  04 Mar 1916Meavy, Devon, England I1969
5 MOSES, Isaac  23 Nov 1837Meavy, Devon, England I2021
6 MOSES, John  1804Meavy, Devon, England I2048
7 MOSES, John  Abt 1834Meavy, Devon, England I2053
8 MOSES, John  10 Aug 1842Meavy, Devon, England I2050
9 MOSES, Richard  20 Mar 1884Meavy, Devon, England I2140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BLATCHFORD, Barbara  26 Dec 1795Meavy, Devon, England I1749
2 MOSES, Aaron  03 May 1829Meavy, Devon, England I1864
3 MOSES, Abraham  10 Jan 1819Meavy, Devon, England I1865
4 MOSES, Elias  31 Dec 1820Meavy, Devon, England I2522
5 MOSES, Eliza  15 Jan 1826Meavy, Devon, England I1915
6 MOSES, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1829Meavy, Devon, England I1924
7 MOSES, Elizabeth  05 Jan 1831Meavy, Devon, England I1924
8 MOSES, Isaac  08 Oct 1820Meavy, Devon, England I2021
9 MOSES, James Blatchford  17 Apr 1825Meavy, Devon, England I2026
10 MOSES, Jane  07 Nov 1819Meavy, Devon, England I2036
11 MOSES, Jane  21 Aug 1825Meavy, Devon, England I2037
12 MOSES, John  04 Apr 1824Meavy, Devon, England I2059
13 MOSES, John  25 Mar 1827Meavy, Devon, England I2060
14 MOSES, John  13 Jan 1833Meavy, Devon, England I2061
15 MOSES, John Creber  24 Dec 1797Meavy, Devon, England I2371
16 MOSES, Mark  18 Nov 1795Meavy, Devon, England I2099
17 MOSES, Mark  18 Jul 1819Meavy, Devon, England I2100
18 MOSES, Mark  28 Oct 1832Meavy, Devon, England I2101
19 MOSES, Martha  15 Jan 1815Meavy, Devon, England I2103
20 MOSES, Martha Damerall  22 Jun 1819Meavy, Devon, England I2104
21 MOSES, Mary  02 Nov 1823Meavy, Devon, England I2109
22 MOSES, Mary Ann  15 Jan 1823Meavy, Devon, England I2111
23 MOSES, Richard  28 Sep 1823Meavy, Devon, England I2141
24 MOSES, Thomas  16 Jan 1831Meavy, Devon, England I2176
25 MOSES, William  29 Sep 1822Meavy, Devon, England I2184
26 MOSES, William Willcocks  28 Apr 1816Meavy, Devon, England I2210


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATWILL / MOSES  23 May 1838Meavy, Devon, England F573
2 MATTACOTT / MOSES  27 Apr 1847Meavy, Devon, England F701
3 MOSES / ATWILL  21 Mar 1848Meavy, Devon, England F571
4 MOSES / BOWDEN  03 Apr 1818Meavy, Devon, England F599
5 MOSES / BOWDEN  1857Meavy, Devon, England F602
6 MOSES / WILCOCKS  11 Mar 1814Meavy, Devon, England F758