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  Grand Parents. Robinson Finlay & Phillis Moses 1959


Welcome to the Moses One-name study website. It Started as project to construct a family tree in 2000, migrating into a One-Name study when I joined the Guild in 2009. The intention is to record all instances of the name worldwide. At the moment it is mostly in the UK with a few in Australia, Canada and USA. This site is part of the 'Guild of One-Name Study' website project, its purpose is to support and preserve the research of its members. For more information about the Guild see their website at "" . This is an ongoing project. Anyone wishing to contribute please contact me. While every care is taken to authenticate the information submitted mistakes can be made.

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feature 1 I have registered the Moses surname with the
Guild of One Name Studies.

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  • Mark Atwill died 1898 Wady Halfa, Egypt. id.I2102.
  • Samuel James Moses died 1914 At Sea. id.I3150.
  • Frank Moses died 1916 Thiepval,Departement de la Somme,Picardie,
  • William Alfred Moses died 1915 At Sea. id.I1610.
  • John Moses died 1916 At Sea (Jutland) id.I2774.
  • Louis Moses died 1916 France & Flanders. id.I2091.
  • James Blackler MOSES died 1916 Malta. id.I2025.
  • Jessie Price MOSES died 1916 France & Flanders. id I3724.
  • Robert Charles MOSES died 1917 Scapa Flow. id.I1716.
  • Norman Ethelbert MOSES died 1917 France & Flanders. id.I1133.
  • William Pearson MOSES died 1917 France & Flanders. id. I2958.
  • Harold George MOSES died 1940 At Sea. id.I2008.
  • Wilfred COLLINGE died 1942 At Sea id.I31
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